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TMJ Disorder Treatment

At Redondo Beach Dental Group, we take a comprehensive approach to TMJ treatment. We do not simply address the symptoms of the condition, we work to understand the underlying causes. We will provide a full neuro-muscular workup using our computer aided diagnostics, make impressions of your teeth, and create models of your jaw to determine the right treatment for your needs. Treatment options might include custom-made oral orthotics, occlusal night guards, electrical stimulation, orthodontics, or possibly a simple bite adjustment.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is when you stop breathing during the night. It occurs for a variety of reasons. It could be because your tongue falls back into your throat during the night, it could be because you have developed a small airway that doesn’t allow sufficient air to keep your blood saturated with enough oxygen, or it could be the result of the gradual desensitization of your autonomic nervous system that controls your breathing to the point that it is not triggered to respond to this lack of oxygen. When Obstructive Sleep Apnea does occur our body will employ any means necessary to get the oxygen your brain needs by waking you up multiple times during the night.   
At Redondo Beach Dental Group we work closely with other medical professionals to help you get the sleep your body needs. Unfortunately, the early signs of sleep apnea do not always show up on standard sleep assessments. Therefore, we use high resolution pulse oximetry to measure the saturation in your blood and your heart rate while you sleep in your own bed without all of the wires and disturbances of an over-night sleep study. By screening for sleep apnea early, we can treat the condition before it affects your quality of life and overall health.
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Periodontal Care

Oral bacteria does not just affect your teeth and cause decay, it also penetrates below your gum line leading to gum disease, also known as periodontitis. At Redondo Beach Dental Group we believe in a non-invasive approach to helping you obtain optimal dental health. We also believe in your need for personalized care and attention by our dental hygiene specialists to explain and treat this disease. That is why all of our periodontal care appointments are at least one hour with your hygienist, unlike other offices that try to rush their treatment into 15 min to half an hour. They need this time to be gentle, thorough, and successful.   
We believe in a team approach to getting you healthy. But, we also believe in using all of the modern tools and technologies available to help you get healthy. Our hygienists are trained to use of lasers, chemo-therapeutic agents and antibiotics to help destroy the bacteria that causes periodontal disease. One of those products is PerioProtect®, which is an innovative option that can have cosmetic benefits, as well as health-related advantages. It uses custom-made trays to deliver a mild antibiotic solution of hydrogen peroxide to your gums. At this strength, the hydrogen peroxide is not only an antibiotic to kill the bacteria that causes gum disease, it is also a very natural teeth whitening solution that will whiten your teeth gradually over time. This is the least sensitive alternative available to whiten your teeth.
If you have concerns about root sensitivity, receding gums, loose teeth, or have been told you have gum disease, we encourage you to find out more about us and what we can do for you.
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Sedation Dentistry

Our goal has always been and will always be your comfort. The technologies we have brought into our practice are to make your treatment more comfortable and deliver better quality than traditional dentistry. However, we understand that you may still feel some anxiety at the thought of dental care. To ease your worries, we offer several effective sedation options. 
Nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas”, is an odorless gas delivered through a mask. It induces feelings of deep relaxation and mild euphoria. It is probably the safest drug ever invented for a patient. The patient is in total control of how they want to feel and the drug is instantaneously reversible.   
Oral sedation uses anti-anxiety medications to help you relax. The level of sedation will depend on the dosage. Intravenous sedation is highly effective and almost as safe as Nitrous Oxide. The level of sedation is controlled by a trained licensed dentist with a special state approved sedation permit.
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Family Dentistry

At Redondo Beach Dental Group, we treat patients of all ages. Children require special treatment because we want them to develop a healthy opinion about dentistry. We know of too many adults that were traumatized by their dental appointments as a child. That will never happen in our office. We provide dental treatments that are specifically designed for children, like sports mouth guards, special preventive care, and toothbrushes designed for children, etc.  Our goal is to keep you and your children comfortable and deliver a remarkable experience.  
We want our patients to know that there are preventive programs now available to not only prevent decay but also reverse decay to avoid the need for a filling. This program called CAMBRA was designed just for that purpose. It consists of an educational program about decay, special toothpaste, and common products that can be purchased at your local grocery store. One of these products is Xylitol, a natural plant sugar that prevents the bacteria that causes tooth decay from sticking to teeth. What an oxymoron, sugar that prevents decay! Another recommended product is old fashioned baking soda that one can get at any market.   
Our responsibility as your dentist is to discover oral cancer. Oral cancer has remained a very deadly disease where the rate of survival has not improved in 50 years because it is not detected in time. During all of our annual exams, we utilize Identafi®, a new oral cancer detection device that uses different visible lights viewed through special glasses to help in the early detection of oral cancer. These are just a few of the procedures we employ to give you and your family the quality of care you deserve.
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Technology and Experience - What Makes Us Different

Whatever your age, you will benefit from our ongoing commitment to use the latest dental devices and techniques. It is our experience with technology coupled with our compassion for our patients that makes us different. It helps us deliver a remarkable dental experience to our patients. We have used air abrasion for 25 years to remove decay from your family's teeth without the need for a shot. We have used digital x-rays for just as long --- long before the introduction of consumer digital point and shoot cameras. This technology exposes our patients with up to 90% less radiation than other practices that are still stuck in the film age. We have also used Intra-Oral cameras for just as long. They help our patients see what is happening with their teeth so we can discover and diagnose the dental treatment you need together. We have the new Dexis CariVue® which uses light and photo sensors to see decay inside a tooth instead of using x-rays. This technology is ideal for a pregnant patient.

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3D Technology

For the last 7 years we have been using 3D technology. We currently have 3 different 3D technologies in our office. This technology allows us to reduce the time our patients are in our office and deliver  more comfortable and precise service. We are able to do “one-visit crowns” with our CEREC® 3D CAD/CAM computer. Gone are the days of temporary crowns, sensitive teeth, and getting numb twice for the same procedure. This technology is much more precise than traditional metal/porcelain crowns fabricated from those icky gagging impression materials. We also use iTero® for 3D photos of your teeth, which, again, is more accurate than traditional impressions and will accelerate your invisalign treatment. Finally, the Galileos® 3D digital CT x-ray machine will allow us to see all of the structures of your mouth from any angle. We have used this technology to discover various pathologies that neither our patients nor their medical doctors were aware of. We mainly use our Galileos® 3D digital CT x-ray machine for our implant planning. With this technology we can avoid important structures to assure a safe surgical experience. It also allows us to precisely place an implant through computer guided surgery, exactly where we planned in less surgical time and with more safety than traditional blind “free hand” surgery. We can “shoe horn” an implant in minimal bone where the traditional blind surgery cannot. This has saved our patients extra bone grafting surgeries, time, and money. 

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Laser Dentistry

We use both hot and cold lasers for dental treatment and periodontal care. Hot lasers can cut hard tooth structure and gum, while cold lasers do not cut and are used outside of your mouth. We use 6 different types of lasers in our practice. Our hard tissue lasers can reshape your teeth and eliminate dental decay with minimal to no discomfort and usually without the need of dental anesthesia. Soft tissue lasers can remove pockets of bacteria from your gums and speed healing. In addition, we are one of the few dental practices to incorporate cold lasers into our practice. They are mainly used in large animal veterinary medicine and in physical therapy. The energy from these lasers  will stimulate healing in the surgical area, allowing our patients to heal faster and with less post-operative discomfort. We provide bi-weekly cold laser treatments to our oral surgery patients at no additional cost.

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Air Abrasion

Our air abrasion instrument makes removing decay faster and more comfortable. This technology is ideal for young adults and children as no anesthesia is required. Admittedly, this is for shallow decay and not deep cavities, however, or Solea CO2 laser is designed to remove deeper decay without the need of dental anesthesia. Air Abrasion emits a steady stream of air, filled with millions of microscopic particles. As the air hits your tooth, it can remove areas of decay or reshape your tooth. The device is gentle and quiet. It does not generate any unpleasant vibrations, pressure, or heat.  Our Air Abrasion device is incredibly accurate as it will remove less of your healthy tooth structure. It is actually better for your tooth than a drill which can cause micro-fractures of the tooth’s enamel. Fillings done with Air Abrasion and a tooth colored composite filling material last longer  than traditional fillings with a drill and the same filling material.

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Solea CO2 Laser Treatment

Our commitment to technology extends to every area of our practice.
We recently became the first dental office in all of Los Angeles and Orange Counties to feature the Solea CO2 laser. This amazing machine can be used on your teeth and gums without the need for anesthesia. Because the laser will cauterize the blood and nerve endings, there is no bleeding and less post-operative discomfort after dental surgery. Now you can have fillings and soft tissue procedures performed without bleeding and without the need for a shot!. Amazing, right?  No more recovering from being numb! No more bleeding!
Our Solea laser replaces our dental drill and its unpleasant side effects. It does not have the loud sound or vibrations that a dental drill does, and most of our patients do not require any type of anesthesia at all for treatment. You no longer have to feel anxious about your dental visits with the Solea CO2 laser. This type of technology is truly changing dentistry, and we are happy to be the first in the area to provide it to our patients.
There is no additional cost to our patients for the use of this laser.  
Popular Science recognizes the Solea CO2 laser with its  “ Best of What’s New” Award for 2104/1015.
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